iPad Pro: Not Free

by Anders Kierulf


Remember how the savings from buying digital Go books would be enough to buy you an iPad Air? Since then, the Go Books library has grown by 27 books. Do the savings now add up to an iPad Pro, the ultimate tool to study Go? No, sorry, not quite.

You can buy all 27 books for $224 in Go Books. Or you can spend $302 to buy 19 of them on paper — eight are available exclusively in Go Books. You get more books, and the savings are real, but not enough to step up to an iPad Pro.

The books you can’t get anywhere else include “Lee Changho’s Endgame Techniques”, several books by John Fairbairn including “Honinbo Tournament - Early Years”, a new look at Igo Hatsuyōron 120 split into 120 problems, and “Just Enough Japanese” by Richard Hunter to help you understand those printed Japanese Go books sitting unread on your shelf.

You can have books sitting on your shelf gathering dust. Or you can have books in your iPad and iPhone that get better every year: fewer typos, improved layout, and easier to read at night. And I plan to keep adding value to the books you’ve already bought.

So this holiday season, get yourself an iPad for reading and start saving. But maybe not an iPad Pro.