Go Problems in SmartGo Pro

by Anders Kierulf


Hanekomu had a number of questions about Go problems in SmartGo Pro.

I have entered many many problems already for GoGrinder; is it possible to transfer them to SmartGo Pro on the iPod touch?

Sorry, not yet. Games can be imported, but not problems, so far.

Is there an option to shuffle the problem order, to randomly rotate and to randomly swap colors?

Yes. See

Does it automatically advance to the next problem?

You need to tap the Next Problem button to advance to the next problem.

Can you manually select the previous/next problem and go to the beginning and end of the current set?


Can you manually explore variations? GoGrinder has a nice “Navigate solution” feature that shows “right” next moves as green dots and “wrong” next moves as red dots.

No. This is probably the most requested feature with regards to problems. The UI is tricky, but I’ll definitely add that at some point.

Does it support both triangled moves as well as WV[] to indicate “wrong” variations?

Not sure, would have to investigate. As you can’t import problems at the moment, it’s a moot point. It’s using pretty much the same code as SmartGo on Windows.

If there are several moves for the opponent, does it choose an answer randomly? If so, does after finishing one line, does it go through other possibly opponent answers as well?

Yes, it chooses randomly, and no, it doesn’t go through the other possible opponent answers.

Can you group problems hierarchically and select a subdirectory of problems that you want to solve?

Not quite. But you can filter by different criteria, such as difficulty or type of problem.

Does it keep a timer and a counter for the number of problems you got right and wrong?

No timer. It keeps track of the number of problems tried and solved.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions.

Update (2012-08-19): Manually exploring variations now works (tap on the Tools button in the lower left and switch from Solve to Replay). Importing your own problem collections is still one of the most frequently requested features, but it will take some more time to get to that.