Upgrade from Pro to Kifu

by Anders Kierulf


Apple has approved a bundle that contains SmartGo Kifu, a universal app, and SmartGo Pro, the iPhone-only version of SmartGo Kifu. This is great news, as it finally gives users an upgrade path from iPhone-only to universal. (See my reasons for reviving SmartGo Pro earlier this year.)

Users can start with the cheaper iPhone-only version, and if they later decide to get an iPad, they can upgrade for $10 instead of paying full price:

  • SmartGo Pro: $12 (iPhone-only)
  • SmartGo Kifu: $20 (iPhone & iPad)
  • Bundle Pro & Kifu: $22 ($10 to upgrade)

I’m very encouraged that Apple allowed this bundling of an iPhone-only and a universal version of essentially the same app. The bundle is clearly marked as an upgrade from Pro to Kifu, so I hope it’s an indication that this is an officially approved way of doing things. In particular, it gives developers who currently have separate iPhone and iPad versions a way forward: make the iPad version universal, and give users a bundle to upgrade from iPhone-only to universal.

On the other hand, if this bundle had been rejected, it would have been hard to not see it as an indication that iPhone-only apps were strongly discouraged, and that there was not going to be support from Apple to help users transition to a universal app. I would likely have killed SmartGo Pro rather than have more users stuck in a dead end.

Thanks to Apple for approving this kind of bundle: a win for customers, and more options for developers.