Go Congress 2014 in New York City

by Anders Kierulf


At the Go Congress, I played and recorded my tournament game in the morning, got it analyzed after lunch, then entered the analysis and comments, and finally tweeted the result. Of course, all this using SmartGo apps on iPad and Mac: a great opportunity to find bugs and identify rough edges. Here are the games:

I’m happy with the final score of four wins and two losses; not always happy with my play, but I learned a lot. Getting the games analyzed by professionals (including SmartGo user Xie He 9 dan) is a valuable benefit of the Go Congress: no matter your strength, they will deconstruct your games and make your mistakes painfully obvious.

The Go Congress was also a great opportunity to meet many SmartGo users, including Ben Hong (@bengozen) and Nate Eagle (@neagle) who I had only known on Twitter before. I got lots of good feedback on how you were using the apps and what issues you run into.

I hope to see many of you at the Cotsen Open (October 25-26) in Los Angeles!