SmartGo Updates

by Anders Kierulf


Apple released the new iPad today, and I’m looking forward to read Go books on the new Retina display. But there are also some exciting updates for SmartGo apps.

SmartGo Kifu 1.5: SmartGo Kifu is now universal, working on both iPad and iPhone. SmartGo Kifu on the iPhone includes all the features of SmartGo Pro, plus more pro games (now 35,000).

Fixing a wrong move has become much easier, even if you’ve entered a number of moves after that. Tap and hold on the move you want to fix, then choose Go to Move. Then tap and hold again on that move until the feedback changes, and slide it to the right spot. Done.

SmartGo Pro 2.2: SmartGo Pro is equivalent to the iPhone version of SmartGo Kifu, with fewer games, and it remains compatible with iOS 3.1.3, which is important if you have an older devices. Over time, we’d like to transition everybody from SmartGo Pro to SmartGo Kifu. See for more information on the transition.

SmartGo Books: One new book: Fundamental Principles of Go by Yilun Yang. The website has been cleaned up to highlight the three iOS products: SmartGo Books, SmartGo Kifu, and SmartGo. Making the simple SmartGo app universal is next; this has proven a lot harder to get right than SmartGo Kifu.