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User Manual

The user manual for SmartGo One has a lot of details and useful information. You can find it in the SmartGo One app under Books > Tutorial & Help > SmartGo One User Manual.

Privacy Policy

We use your email to verify that you’re the person who purchased SmartGo. We will never give out or sell your email address. Emails from us will be infrequent (less than once a month) and always related to the game of Go.

Privacy Policy


  • SmartGo on Android?

    There won’t be an Android version of SmartGo One, sorry. As a one-person company, I need to focus. It took me 5 years to create SmartGo One for iOS, so adding an Android version is not realistic.

    My recommendation to Go players using an Android phone is to get an iPad: it’s the best device to enjoy SmartGo as well as Go Books.

  • Go Books on Android?

    All the books in Go Books are available as EPUB that you can enjoy on Android and Windows. Not quite as good as on an iPad, but it works.

  • Upgrade from SmartGo Kifu to SmartGo One?

    If you bought SmartGo Kifu in 2021 or 2022, please send me your receipt, and I’ll get you an extended free trial of SmartGo One.

  • How do I transfer my games from SmartGo Kifu to SmartGo One?

    In SmartGo Kifu, go to My Games, then tap on Edit (top right), Select All (top left), then Email (bottom), and send that single SGF file containing all your games to yourself. Open SmartGo One, go to My Files, tap on + at the top, then New Folder. Name it something like ‘From Kifu’, and tap to go into that folder. Then open that email, long press on the attachment, choose Share, and tap on SmartGo One. That should add all those games in the currently open folder.

  • How do I transfer my books from Go Books to SmartGo One?

    To transfer your book purchases between the two apps, you’ll have to register and confirm your email in both apps. In Go Books, tap on Register Your Purchases; in SmartGo One, go to Settings > Go Books Account. Once you do that (and click on the links in both emails sent to you to confirm your email), your books should show up in SmartGo One.