Sanrensei and Modern Masters – Book Review Wanted

by Anders Kierulf


Two good books have not gotten the attention I think they deserve:

  • “Patterns of the Sanrensei” by Michael Redmond 9 dan (Slate & Shell). With six basic game patterns for the sanrensei opening and detailed analysis of twenty of Michael Redmond’s games, this book gives you all the techniques you need to play the sanrensei opening as well as defend against it.
  • “Modern Master Games: The Dawn of Tournament Go” by Rob van Zeijst and Richard Bozulich (Kiseido). A exhaustive analysis of eleven masterpieces by some of the great players of the post-war era. Includes the atomic-bomb game between Iwamoto and Hashimoto, Takagawa’s dominance of the Honinbo title, the rise of Sakata and Fujisawa Shuko, Fujisawa Hosai and his imitation go strategy, and more.

However, I don’t want you to take my word for how good these books are. I’m looking for two Go players, ideally single-digit kyu or dan players who live in the US, to write an honest review of these books. Reviewers get a free copy of both the digital and the printed version to review; the review will be published in the e-Journal of the American Go Association as well as on the SmartGo web site. Please contact me if you’re interested in reviewing one of these books.

Both of these books were originally published in SmartGo Books and have since been published in print editions. You can find a sample chapter in PDF (without the interactive features of SmartGo Books) and links to the printed books here:

Update (11 PM): I’ve found reviewers; thanks to everyone who volunteered!