60,144 Pro Games

by Anders Kierulf


SmartGo Kifu 2.1 will include more than 60,000 professional games. After starting with ‘only’ 6,000 games in 2008, I’ve kept adding games whenever I could do so without slowing down the app. After continual improvements in both hardware and software (including compiler technology), performance is now at the point where I can include the full collection.

Joseki and fuseki matching is done based on all those games, and all 60k games are included directly in the app (no need for an online connection).


  • 60,144 games played from 1573 to 2012
  • 53,378 games with komi
  • 879 handicap games
  • 2,072 players, 14 players with more than 1000 games
  • 12.8 MB, 212 bytes/game (including game info)
  • 12,709,890 moves, 211 moves/game, 7.6 bits/move

Windows users: You can download this newest collection from and replace the existing smartgo.sgd in your SmartGo installation with this new file. This file is about 15.8 MB due to less sophisticated compression.