SmartGo Books: 40 + 2 = 42

by Anders Kierulf


Two more books are now available in SmartGo Books:

“Attack and Defense” by Akira Ishida & James Davies (Kiseido, $9.99). This is one of my all-time favorites, explaining the fundamentals of the middle game of Go. The chapter titles say it all: Territory and Power, Attacking Strategy, Attacking Moves, Defense, Forcing Moves, Inducing Moves, Reducing and Invading Large Frameworks, Invasions into Three-Space Extensions, Ko Fights, and Problems. This is a book you read and re-read several times as you get stronger, getting more out of it every time.

“The Workshop Lectures, Volume 2” (Slate & Shell, $5.99). Yang’s workshops typically involve several lectures each day. He believes that play should be guided by applying easily understood principles rather than by memorizing common patterns and sequences. The Workshop Lecture series present these guidelines with lots of examples.

Volume 1 of the series contains the following lectures:

  • When to Tenuki in the Opening
  • Choosing the Direction of Attack
  • Playing Complicated Joseki

Volume 2 adds five more lectures:

  • How to Invade
  • Choosing the Proper Pincer
  • Side Extensions in the Opening
  • Playing a Territorial Game
  • Playing a Moyo Game

This brings the total number of books in SmartGo Books to 42. Even though that’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything, we won’t stop there.