Interactive Problem Solving in SmartGo Books

by Anders Kierulf


SmartGo Books has always allowed you to replay moves in diagrams. In version 1.5, you can also play your own moves directly in the diagram. This is especially helpful for problem diagrams, where SmartGo Books will provide feedback on whether your move is right or wrong. For problem books like “501 Opening Problems” or the new ”501 Tesuji Problems”, this is a game changer.

All the books with problems have been updated to take advantage of the new capabilities: Graded Go Problems for Beginners, 501 Opening Problems, 501 Tesuji Problems, Shuko: The Only Move, as well as problems in Basic Techniques of Go, Fundamental Principles of Go, and the Learn to Play Go series. If you’ve previously purchased those books, they will automatically update to the newest version.

This release also adds two new books, bringing the total to 30:

“Punishing and Correcting Joseki Mistakes” by Mingjiu Jiang 7 dan and Adam Miller, a popular Slate & Shell book that has been out of print.

“Five Hundred and One Tesuji Problems” by Richard Bozulich, featuring a large variety of tesuji problems.

See for a complete list of books. And more books are in the works.