Universal Player, 9x9 Killed, and Blog Moved

by Anders Kierulf


SmartGo Player is finally universal, only two years later than expected. Mainly, I was distracted by SmartGo Books; however, the technology used in SmartGo Books also helped clean up the UI, as the tutorial is now built using the interactive problem solving from SmartGo Books.

Two weeks ago, I killed SmartGo 9x9. Nobody noticed. I have no idea why SmartGo Player was doing well at $2.99 while SmartGo 9x9 was doing poorly at $0.99. Anyway, SmartGo Player is now the app you can recommend to those friends who don’t play Go yet; SmartGo Kifu is the app for the Go players in your life.

Finally, I decided to integrate the SmartGo blog directly in the web site. I already have a special-purpose Mac app to generate; adding blog pages allows for tighter integration with those capabilities. Maybe this will get me to update the blog more often; don’t bet on it.