SmartGo Kifu on Sale

by Anders Kierulf


SmartGo Kifu is on sale: $9.99 instead of $19.99. After 2½ years, this is the first ever sale of SmartGo Kifu. It may also be the last. Grab this chance before September 15.

The main reason for the sale is to ease the transition from SmartGo Pro (iPhone only) to SmartGo Kifu (universal). I removed SmartGo Pro from the App Store a few days ago; this is your chance to upgrade to SmartGo Kifu. Even if you don’t have an iPad yet, this gives you more games now and free upgrades in the future, including joseki matching coming in the next few months.

When the iPad was first introduced, I expected the iPhone and the iPad versions to diverge, and thus created a separate iPad app instead of making it universal from the start. In hindsight, this turned out to be a mistake; sorry about that. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t support upgrades from one app to another; hopefully, this sale will smooth the transition.

Going forward, there will be just three clearly defined SmartGo apps, all universal:

  • SmartGo Kifu ($20): For dedicated Go players. Pro games, problems, computer play. Coming soon: joseki matching.
  • SmartGo Player ($3): For learning Go and playing against the computer. This is the app to recommend to those friends who don’t play Go yet.
  • SmartGo Books (free download, free chapters, buy books with in-app purchase): Go books for all players, from beginner to high dan.

SmartGo Kifu is available on the App Store.