SmartGo Kifu for iOS 7

by Anders Kierulf


I was worried this SmartGo Kifu update might not make the iOS 7 release, but apparently somebody at Apple loves the app, it got reviewed in record time. Much appreciated.

Here’s what’s new:

  • iOS 7 look: The app has been updated to fit in with the fresh design of iOS 7. Still more work to do, expect the look to evolve over the next months.
  • Updated game collection: SmartGo Kifu now includes the full GoGoD collection of 76,891 game records.
  • Integrated onomasticon: John Fairbairn’s dictionary of player names has been updated and better integrated into the app. In a pro game, you can now tap on the player name to get information about that player, often including a short biography.
  • AirDrop: This new iOS 7 feature lets you send a game record to a nearby friend. When your friend accepts it, the game record automatically opens in SmartGo Kifu. Powerfully simple to use.
  • Refinements: Replay a game to the end, and winner and score are indicated right next to the player names. The list of games gets more room to scroll. Emailing a game is easier, and you can copy the SGF.


PS: This would be a great time to give this newest version a rating, or even add an App Store review. Thank you!