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User Manual

The user manual for SmartGo One has a lot of details and useful information. You can find it in the SmartGo One app under Books > Tutorial & Help > SmartGo One User Manual.

Политика секретности

We use your email to verify that you’re the person who purchased SmartGo. We will never give out or sell your email address. Emails from us will be infrequent (less than once a month) and always related to the game of Go.

Политика секретности


  • iPhone & iPad
  • Windows
  • I recently bought SmartGo Kifu – can I upgrade to SmartGo One?

    If you bought SmartGo Kifu in 2021 or 2022, please send me your receipt, and I’ll get you an extended free trial of SmartGo One.

  • How do I transfer my games from SmartGo Kifu to SmartGo One?

    In SmartGo Kifu, go to My Games, then tap on Edit (top right), Select All (top left), then Email (bottom), and send that single SGF file containing all your games to yourself. Open SmartGo One, go to My Files, tap on + at the top, then New Folder. Name it something like 'From Kifu', and tap to go into that folder. Then open that email, long press on the attachment, choose Share, and tap on SmartGo One. That should add all those games in the currently open folder.

  • The back button sometimes disappears on iPad in portrait view

    This is a bug I'm working on. Two workarounds if this happens to you: (1) Rotate the iPad to landscape, then back to portrait. (2) Swipe from the left edge at the top navigation bar to reveal the rest of the app.

  • Redeem Code in Upgrade to Pro not working

    This is a bug in iOS 15.4 and 15.4.1. To work around it, if you have a code, use the following link instead, replacing CODE with your code: https://apps.apple.com/redeem?ctx=offercodes&id=1465746992&code=CODE

  • Is there a lifetime subscription in SmartGo One?

    I understand some people prefer a single payment over subscriptions. SmartGo One doesn’t offer that, and there are currently no plans to add that option.

  • Как отредактировать ход?

    Нажмите и удерживайте самый последний ход, затем перетащите его. Чтобы перейти к раним ходам, нажмите и удерживайте необходимый камень, затем выберите "Перейти к перемещению".

  • SmartGo на других мобильных устройствах?

    У нас нет никаких конкретных планов, касающихся изменения SmartGo для совместимости с другими устройствами вроде Android или Windows Phone. В версиях для iPad и iPhone еще много чего нужно добавить и улучшить.

  • Is SmartGo for Windows still actively developed?

    No, sorry. My current focus is on SmartGo for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as the Go Books project. Please evaluate SmartGo for Windows with that in mind, and if it works as-is for your purposes, that’s great.

  • How do I get the newest game collection?

    If you’re running the newest version but not seeing the newest GoGoD game collection: (1) Tap on the Library tab. (2) Choose File > Close (this may take several minutes). (3) Choose File > Open, and open ‘smartgo.sgd’ from the folder where you installed the newest version of SmartGo. (This will also take several minutes.)

  • Почему я должен активировать программу после 15 дней?

    We give you a 15-day trial period so you can try out all the features of the software. Once you decide that your Go needs SmartGo, you purchase the serial number to activate SmartGo.

  • Могу ли я инсталлировать SmartGo на несколько машин?

    Да, Вы можете инсталлировать SmartGo на два ваших компьютера таких как персональный компьютер и ноутбук или на рабочем и домашнем компьютерах. Вы должны активировать SmartGo отдельно на каждом компьютере.

  • Where are the games and problems stored?

    The professional game collection is stored in a file called SmartGo.sgd, the problem collection in SmartGo.prb. Both files are installed in the same folder as SmartGo.exe. You can choose View > Panes > Files to see the list of files in the Library or Problems tab. Right-click on the header of the file list to add a column to see the File Path.