The GoGoD game collection has been a great source of professional games for many years, available at gogodonline.co.uk. The collection is also included in SmartGo Kifu, SmartGo for Mac, and SmartGo for Windows.

The Facebook team of ELF OpenGo recently analyzed the non-handicap games of the Spring 2018 GoGoD collection. You can look at an interactive summary of the analysis, and you can download the full 3.2 GB zipped SGFs (see info in this README).

If you’re just interested in ELF’s analysis of individual games, you can enter the GoGoD game ID here to download a single annotated SGF (e.g. 1846-09-11a for the ear-reddening game):

A few notes on the annotated games:

  • For every move, ELF tried to find the best moves, and created a tree of variations. The human move is always the main line.
  • ELF’s favorite move is marked with an exclamation point.
  • The comments contain two numbers: the probability that Black is winning, and the number of rollouts that ELF used to analyze that position.
  • Komi is assumed to be 7.5, so winning percentages won’t be accurate for older games, but the suggested best moves should still be relevant.

Thanks to the Facebook ELF team for running this analysis and making it publicly available.